Who’s it all for?

I don’t know who I’ve created this site for. Selflessly, I want to say it should be a sort of forum for people with mental disorders and/or addictions who need a place to be understood and feel safe. Then there’s the selfish side of me who wants this for myself, hoping it will be cathartic and help me through whatever I need to get through at certain times. In saying that, helping others makes me feel so good, so I guess I get to live for myself and others. Isn’t that the way it should be anyway?

This site is NOT a place to give a diagnoses or to be diagnosed! That should only be done by a professional. If you feel like you or someone you love has a disorder or addiction, please find help. If anyone ever starts reading this, that is, if I ever even get the nerve to let people know about this, I will start to post helpful sites and telephone hotlines where people can get help.

What I want everyone to understand through this blog is that bipolar does not have to be a negative thing all the time. Of course we have our ups and downs (literally), but one can live a positively awesome life with this disorder as well. That’s what I want to show you here. Mental disorder and addiction do not have to be the end all for you. It does not have to define you. You define yourself. I choose to define myself like my son thinks of me, WONDER WOMAN (even though she’s not a mom;) Maybe I should name myself BIPOLAR MOTHER!! I like it!!!


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